Glow in dark anti slip tape
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Luminous Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape Roll ( ALL SIZES )

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SlipsAway’s Safety Grip Photoluminescent self adhesive anti slip tape shapes provide extra grip on a wide range of surfaces and glow in the dark to help prevent slips and falls.

  • Tough and durable, with high levels of Coefficient of Friction
  • Choose between plain design and hazard pattern
  • Custom shapes, sizes, colours and cuts can be made to order
  • Rolls up to 100mm x 18.3m also available
  • Very easy to apply – self adhesive
  • Withstands most chemicals present in commercial environments, with excellent resistance to motor oil
  • R118 approved (not Glow Line)
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Sharing is Caring

SlipsAway’s  Safety Grip Photoluminescent self adhesive anti slip tape is tough and durable, self-adhesive anti-slip material that glows in the dark. Use it to provide extra grip on a wide range of surfaces and as a visual aid on floors and around doors in areas prone to power failure, guiding personnel in lights-out situations. The photoluminescent material charges from both natural and incandescent (artificial) light, making it an ideal choice for warehouses and workshops, and is available in a plain design or in a hazard pattern. Also available on rolls up to 100mm x 18.3m

When the lights go out in an emergency, there’s still an obligation to mark exits and hazards. SlipsAway Glow In The Dark tapes are highly photoluminescent and allow clear marking of exits and hazards when the lights go out.

Ideal for pedestrian traffic or light vehicular traffic, Safety Grip self adhesive anti slip tape is very easy to apply and can be used on most surfaces, making it particularly useful for workplaces. Once applied correctly (following our procedures), Safety Grip self adhesive anti slip tape provides grip even if oil, water or other contaminants are present.

The Safety Grip range is available in many thicknesses and colours, including Transparent, Fluorescent Yellow, Hazard schemes in red/white and black/yellow, and Glow In The Dark Photoluminescent. The material comes on rolls (from 19mm up to 1168mm) as well as pre-made shapes; more sizes and custom cuts, shapes and colours can be made to order – contact our sales team by email or on 0151 200 9036.

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25mm x 5m, 50mm x 5m, 25mm x 18.3m, 50mm x 18.3m, 100mm x 18.m, 150mm x 18.m


Sharing is Caring


Sharing is Caring