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SlipsAway anti-slip tape is an ideal solution for preventing slips and falls on slippery floors at your workplace.
We provide high-quality treads designed to keep your workplace safer by providing exceptional grip on high traffic areas that are prone to water and other causes of slips and falls. Anti-slip pre-cut strips have a commercial grade rating of 80-Grit to provide a firm and reliable grip on all surfaces.

They can be used on a wide range of slippery surfaces including stairs, wood, marble, stone, and concrete floors, on boats, fiberglass decks, patios, warehouse floors, loading docks, steps, bricks, and many more. The pre-cut strips are also quite easy to apply. All you need to do is simply peel the strip and stick it to the clean surface.

Our selection of anti-slip pre-cut strips includes the following:

Mild abrasive safety grip anti-slip tape which is available in black colour and measurements of 150 mm x 610 mm
Black anti-slip tape pre-cut treads available in measurements of 12 by 2 inches
Clear anti-slip tape pre-cut treads available in 12 by 2 inches
I want to sleep hazard warning pre-cut tape
Luminous glow in dark strips
Non-slip strips for stairs
And many more
Protect your family at home as well as your workers and visitors at the workplace by installing anti-slip tips on steps, stairs, and other work areas. The anti-slip pre-cut strips are available in packs of 8 high-quality non-slip strips that are highly adhesive for easy installation on any surface. They come in an aesthetically pleasing design to suit the overall look of your home.

Most are perfectly cut in 12-inch by 2-inch sizes for easy installation on hardwood, marble, granite, and other smooth surfaces without leaving gaps or bubbles. They are also strong and long-lasting. Check our selection of genuine Slips Away Anti Slip Pre-Cut Strip products!