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The Slips Away non slip bath mats are ideal for those with limited mobility, as well as those who just prefer extra safety in the bathroom. With a longer length than most mats and an intricate texture that makes it impossible to slip on, this cleverly designed non-slip mat not only protects your feet from falls but also helps you maintain firm footing on slippery surfaces.

Our non-slip bath mat keeps your feet safe and secure no matter where they are in the house. With both clear and white colour options, you’ll be able to easily match any bathroom décor or personal preference to create a uniquely versatile product that perfectly complements your home.

Slips Away bath mats are the perfect low-key addition to your bathtub or shower. The modern, stylish design blends into your bathroom seamlessly for a fresh look that won’t detract from the space. Slips Away adhesive mats come with a free roller presser and Bath Degreaser so you can cut them down to size whenever needed for better personalized results!

For a more attractive and stylish option for your bath mat, try Slips Away! No more ugly rubber mats that are annoying to apply. Simply apply the Slips Away Non Slip Bath Mat once and you’re good to go!