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Anti-slip decking plates are a perfect solution when you want to provide a safe, stable, and firm tape installation on steps, walkways, and other unstable surfaces such as saturated concrete, flaking concrete surfaces, and sodden timber. Anti-slip decking plates can also be used on garden steps, marine jetties, and concrete paths that are susceptible to icing in winter.

At SlipsAway, we have a wide range of anti-slip decking plates for all types of slippery surfaces. We have bolt-down plates that can screw into place using mechanical fixing. They are manufactured using 1.6 mm weatherproof aluminium that can withstand different environmental conditions. They are also ideal for surfaces that are constantly wet.

Our anti-slip decking tape products are ideal for use in areas where extra grip is required for safety. They comply with the anti-slip UK standards and are quite easy to apply. Some of our anti-slip decking types can be fitted using clips, nails, or screws.

They are made from weatherproof aluminium that doesn’t corrode in wet conditions. They also come with rounded corners to give your workplace a more aesthetically appealing look. Keep in mind that if you are using the non-slip decking strips on boats or surfaces adjacent to seawater, the aluminium material can overtime corrode because of galvanic reactions.

Wintry conditions and wet weather can easily result in accidents at the workplace. Prevent your customers and workers from slipping down steps or losing grip in sensitive areas such as fire exits by installing anti-slip decking plates. Our self-adhesive anti-slip packing tapes come in many colours that are luminous in the dark.

We also provide a wide range of accessories to help in the application, marking lines, and extending the life of the anti-slip tapes. Our range of accessories and installation products includes primers, mallets, edge fixing, rollers, and much more.