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SlipsAway provides a wide range of glow tape products for use in low light areas or in the event of power blackouts to point out potentially dangerous areas and obstacles such as window ledges, stairs, and slippery floors to prevent injuries caused by slips and falls. Our glow tape products are designed to adhere to different types of surfaces including wooden, marble, concrete, and metallic surfaces.

SlipsAway glow tape products feature high visibility stripes, glow in the dark photoluminescent lines, and chevrons. They can easily and firmly fit on a wide range of tiles, stairs, steps, and floor surfaces.

Also known as luminous tape, glow tape is quite useful in highlighting steps, machinery, stairways, and other hazards in emergency situations or during power outages. The glow tape helps to guide your staff to safety in an emergency response scenario or in low light conditions at the workplace.

The tape can be used to line handrails and doorways to create an illuminated pathway to the nearest exit. The glow in the tape is caused by the photoluminescent materials. It can provide a highly visible glow for over 8 hours.

Our glow tape is available in rolls of different sizes to suit your application. Our most popular products in this category include anti-slip pre-cut tread black and yellow reflective stripe, glow in the dark floor signs, luminous glow in the dark anti-slip tape roll, and many more. Each product is available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Enhance the safety of your workplace when the lights go off or in low light conditions using SlipsAway glow tape products. You can use the tape in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and emergency equipment. The glow tape can also be used on emergency evacuation routes to show everyone a pathway to safety. Check our selection of glow tapes and other glow-in-the-dark products below!