Non Slip Bath Discs

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We have a huge collection of elegant and stylish white coloured circular non-slip bath discs designed to give you and your family a safe and stable grip on your bathroom floor. Our bath discs are also ideal for disabled and elderly people who are more prone to slip and fall injuries on wet and slippery bathroom floors.

Slips Away white bath discs have a discreet design that works perfectly in every type of bathroom without interfering with the bathroom’s style and décor. They can be used in any type of home, care homes, workplace bathrooms and they come with a highly durable and hygienic design.

Our bath discs are also a great replacement for traditional bath mats because they are extremely hygienic, easy to clean, and cannot harbour harmful bacteria. They are designed to offer maximum safety from slips and falls while enhancing the look and style of your bathroom. The bath discs can be used in areas with wet floors and surfaces including bathroom floors, shower trays, baths, and other wet rooms.

The anti-slip bath discs not only provide superior safety in bathrooms but are also incredibly discrete, durable, easy to install, and do not cause bacteria accumulation as traditional bath mats do. They are also mould resistant, hygienic, and more elegant than the traditional rubber mats. Best of all, these bath discs are extremely easy to apply. You can even apply them in any pattern you desire.

Slips Away anti-slip bath discs are available in different packs with different numbers and diameters of discs to suit your bathroom size and personal budget. They also come with a free fitting template and bath degreaser included in each pack.

Keep your family and guests safe by investing in a pack of anti-slip bath mats. Check our selection of super grip bath discs in packs that ensure that you will have plenty to go around!