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SlipsAway Floor Sign Markers are an ideal and cost-effective solution for improving safety and productivity in warehouses, factories, and other workplaces often frequented by a good number of employees and customers.

Unlike other thin tape installations on the market today, SlipsAway Warehouse markers are more hardwearing and easier to apply. They also serve as a better alternative to paint markings because they do not require drying time, ventilation, and stencils. In fact, SlipsAway floor sign markers will cause very little disruption to your business operations during installation.

The floor markers come in an assortment of shapes and symbols to suit your practical and aesthetic requirements. They are made of durable semi-rigid PVC material and come with a 190mm disk that can easily be printed on.

Here are some of the key features of our floor sign markers:

They are made using hard-wearing semi-rigid PVC material
Available in a good size of 190mm
They are self-adhesive for easy application
Come in different shapes, numbers, letters, and symbols to suit your safety marking needs
A better alternative to thin tapes and paint marking systems
Proudly made in the UK
You can prevent slips, falls, and accidents at your workplace and improve the safety of your employees and customers by adding a more visual system of floor marking signs. We have a wide range of floor signs that can easily be installed on vertical and horizontal sections of your workplace including traffic patterns, location identification, specific area awareness, location of specific items, and general floor marking needs.

Our long-lasting floor markings can also be used to give clear instructions to pedestrians and drivers and increase your workplace safety record. They are made of tough PVC material and come with an aggressive adhesive for easy and long-lasting installation.