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Hazard tapes are some of the most commonly requested products. Yellow hazard tape for instance is especially useful for making potentially hazardous areas safer for foot traffic by highlighting the risk areas.

At SlipsAway we have a wide range of hazard tape products made of strong weather-resistant PE-laminated tape that can be used to effectively seal off or mark potentially hazardous areas. We have both rolls and pre-cut hazard tape products to suit the requirements of all customers.

The yellow hazard tape can also be used to maintain social distance, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic times. You can use the tape to seal off safety areas and ensure that your staff, visitors, and customers are safe whenever an emergency occurs at your workplace.

With the yellow hazard tape, you can easily mark and isolate virus-contaminated sections along walkways, steps, stairs, and floors. One of the best things about our hazard tape is that it is highly adhesive and abrasion-resistant.

It comes in bright black and yellow colours that are instantly recognized as barriers to areas of caution and safety. Other key benefits of our hazard tape include a weather-resistant and waterproof design, excellent adhesion on both smooth and rough surfaces, and ease of application. Our hazard tape products are also easy to remove without leaving residue.

SlipsAway’s hazard tape is coated with a tough anti-slip mineral surface that does not get clogged by dirt, contaminants, or dust. It is made of tough materials that cannot be affected by chemicals or exposure to the elements.

All our hazard tape products can be applied on a wide range of surfaces including wood, stone, and concrete but we still recommend using the H3506 Primer prior to application for the best results. Feel free to browse through our list of hazard tape products or contact us today for customized solutions.