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SlipsAway offers the latest range of bright, fun, colourful, and child-friendly non-slip bath stickers guaranteed to make bath time an exciting activity for your little ones.

Our kids bath stickers are not only fun to have in your bathroom but are also highly effective safety measures to keep your kids safe in the bathtub. Once you apply our bath stickers for children you create a safer non-slip surface that helps to reduce or eliminate chances of slips, slides, and falls in the bathtub.

The kids bath stickers feature colourful images of cute fishy and animal friends such as the Smiley Starfish, Mermaid, Cute Duck, Friendly Frog, Clown Fish, Cute Unicorn, and many more. These are all beautiful colourful images that your kids will easily identify with from popular stories. Let your child’s imagination run wild with SlipsAway’s anti-slip bath stickers.

The bath stickers for children are also available in different sizes and package bundles to suit your needs and budget. They come with water-resistant adhesives to provide you with a firm, more secure, and safer bathtub surface.

The stickers’ treads are designed from high quality textured vinyl which is not only strong and durable but quite effective in preventing slips and falls as well. The bath stickers are also more stylish and hygienic than the traditional bath mats.

They do justice to your bathroom’s style and décor thanks to their brightly coloured character versions that are guaranteed to brighten up the bathroom and make bath time more fun.

Remember that the bathtub should always be a secure place for your child. Eliminate the risks of slipping and falling accidents in the bathtub by using kids bath stickers.

These stickers are easy to set up and more hygienic than traditional bath mats. Feel free to check our list of bath mats for children and find one that suits your child’s taste and style.