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The last thing every well-meaning and responsible parent would want is to put his or her family at risk of slip and fall accidents while showering. And that’s exactly the solution that SlipsAway non-slip shower strips provides. Our safety-enhancing shower strips are designed to protect your children and other family members from slipping and falling while showering in the bathroom. They are designed to create a reliable non-slip surface in your shower.

There are many benefits of using SlipsAway non-slip shower strips. For instance, the shower strips come at a cheap affordable price and provide an easy, cost-effective way of preventing slip and fall accidents that could result in serious injuries. Unlike other similar products in the market today, our non-slip shower strips come with attractive and comfortable decals. They enhance the look and style of your bathroom while enhancing safety in the shower.

SlipsAway non-slip shower strips can also be used on any smooth slippery surface in both dry and wet conditions to prevent slips and falls. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are made of eco-friendly materials that cannot harm your kids and pets. They are easy to apply and last long without peeling off which makes them comfortable on your feet too. SlipsAway shower strips are also more stylish and hygienic than traditional rubber bathmats, which are known to cause accumulation of mould and mildew if not properly aired. Shower strips are easy to clean because they do not attract mould, and are easy to fit. Another good thing about shower mats is that they can cover as much shower space as you want, unlike traditional bathmats that can only cover a limited area.

SlipsAway non-slip shower strips are made using an innovative type of anti-slip vinyl. They are extremely strong and durable. We currently have a wide assortment of super grip shower mats in different colours and designs to choose from.