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Slips Away Anti-Slip Rolls provide a safe and secure solution to slips and falls on slippery surfaces at home and the workplace. These are rolls of 80 Grit traction tape with aluminium oxide, which has high-traction properties. The tapes are also waterproof and coated with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive for easy and firm attachment to clean surfaces.

Our anti-slip rolls are ideal for installation on every type of slippery surface indoors and outdoors including ramps, walkways, stairways, work areas, loading zones, machine shops, garages, and many more. They are also used on porous substrates such as nosings and steps as well as pedestrian traffic and light vehicular traffic areas.

The anti-slip tape is also easy to apply following SlipsAway application procedures. You simply need to remove the backing and press the tape into position. SlipsAway anti-slip tape rolls work on surfaces with water, oil, and other contaminants. The tape can be used in extreme environments including wind turbine tops during inspection and maintenance.

The anti-slip rolls come in many thicknesses and sizes as well as colour schemes including fluorescent yellow, transparent, and hazard schemes in combinations of black/yellow, red/white, camouflage, and Glow in the Dark Photoluminescent. The rolls are available in dimensions of up to 100mm x 18.3mm depending on the colour you choose.

We also provide a wide range of accessories to help you during the application, in prolonging the life of the anti-slip tapes, and for line marking. The accessories include primers, mallets, edge fixing, and rollers just to mention a few.

Some of our popular products in this category include the following:

5m Short length Anti Slip Tape Rolls Standard Grade
Anti-Slip Tape Roll Standard Grade – Available in all sizes and colours
Course Grade Anti Slip Tape Rolls 18m available in all sizes and colours
Extra Course Grade Anti Slip Tape Rolls 18m available in all sizes and colours
Conformable Traction