Anti Slip Decking Plates
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Anti-Slip Decking Screw Down Plates (All Sizes & Colours)

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Bolt Down Plates, metal fixings coated with Safety-Grip self adhesive anti slip tape for screwing to flat and lipped surfaces, steps and stairs, providing a safe and sound anti-slip surface for walking on.

  • Screws to unstable substrates such as sodden timber, flaking or saturated concrete, etc
  • Ideal for loose surfaces or those that are constantly wet
  • Made from 1.6mm weatherproof aluminium
    • Stainless steel plates can be ordered for marine use
  • Helps prevent slips on steps and fire exits
  • Available with different grades and colours of Safety-Grip
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Sharing is Caring

Bolt Down Plates are ideal for providing a safe and stable anti slip tape installation on an unstable surface, such as sodden timber, flaking or saturated concrete, etc, seen on marine jetties, garden steps, and concrete paths prone to icing over in winter. Whilst most materials require adhesive, a dry surface, and a sound substrate, Bolt Down Plates screw into place with mechanical fixings and are manufactured from 1.6mm weatherproof aluminium, coping with even the most difficult environmental conditions.

Particularly wet weather and wintry conditions can result in accidents around the workplace, with customers slipping and workers and staff sliding down steps and loosing footing in areas such as fire exits. Bolt Down Plates help provide anti slip support on a wide range of surfaces, such as non slip tape for decking, and substrates and can be coated with Safety Grip self adhesive anti slip tape in many colours, including hazard warning chevrons and photoluminescent Glow In The Dark. The plates are available in a flat design for screwing onto a surface, or in a L-shape (120mm x 635mm x 45mm) for fixing to steps and stairs.

If using on ocean going boats or on substrates adjacent to sea water, the aluminium can corrode due to galvanic reaction.

See the videos above for more details and for application.

See the our range of accessories for additional help during application, pro-longing the life of anti-slip tapes and line markings. The range consists of primers, edge fixing, mallets, rollers etc.

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115mm x 635mm, 120mm x 635mm x 45mm, 63mm x 635mm, 115mm x 1m