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Roller Presser


Made of high quality material, the rubber roller is durable and long lasting use. Heavy metal frame eliminates warping and the handle is designed for comfortable grip.  Perfect for all over pressure ensuring adhesive is well adhered and also eliminating air bubbles and in our Anti slip tapes

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Widely-Used– Rubber brayer roller ideal for anti skid tape construction tools, printmaking, inking blocks , carved surfaces or stamping tools, scrapbooks, paintings, etc.

Dimension– 2.5 inch available, very suitable for daily basic needs and feels great in your hand.

Material– Rubber brayer is made of plastic grip handle, stainless steel frame and solid rubber roller.

Features- Durable and comfortable handle, has a heavy duty steel frame that will not bend or break easily, the smooth surface of brayer contribute to all types of block printing. There are two finger prints that can help to adjust the power and direction.

Easily Use- Glue roller moves with easy and no need to press hard for the roller to move, give you comfortable touch feel and pleasant user experience.