Non Slip Strips – Black 64cm x 3 cm

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Sometimes, we do not pay enough attention to safety in our homes until accidents such as falls or slips happen. That’s when we look for safety systems that are practical and easy to install, such as non-slip strips.
The problem is that many of them are made of poor quality materials and quickly begin to break apart.
Others come in large rolls that need to be cut by hand, and the corners are prone to curling up, which makes the strips quickly lose their adhesiveness. Slips Away non-slip strips are the perfect solution: an ideal measurement for any surface and rounded edges that guarantee adhesion, which offers total security for your loved ones for a long time.

 SKU: 16 x Black Strips 64cm x 3cm  Category: GTIN: 0659436148635


*640mm x 30mm in size

*Non-abrasive foot friendly suitable for barefoot tread

*Embossed vinyl surface to increase traction

*Mould Resistant

*Easy to apply Strong adhesive to ensure the longevity of application

*Superior resistance to chemicals and fluids

*They are also Non-toxic, and suitable for both children and adults

*Each tread is easily removable and Hygienically clean

*With their stylish modern look these treads wont look out of place around the home


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