Non Slip Shoe Grip Pads 6x Pairs – Clear

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SLIPS AWAY brings to you high quality Non Slip safety treads that can be used on slippery surfaces like bathrooms, kitchens, stairs and other slippery surfaces to help protect you and your family from slips falls.
These high quality non slip shoe grips:

  • Slips Away Non-Slip Grip Sole Pads provides extra grip on the sole of shoes for added security and to prevent slips and falls
  • High quality UK Brand
  • High Weather-ability + Weather Resistant is great for Snow and rainy days
  • Mould Resistant
  • Easy to apply Strong adhesive to ensure the longevity of application
  • Superior resistance to chemicals and fluids
  • They are also Non-toxic, and suitable for both children and adults
  • 6 Pairs of Shoe Sole Pads that Fits All Shoes Sizes
  • It’s easy to use, just peel off and place the adhesive pad on the sole and press firmly Great for women’s shoes, high heels, stilettos, boots, and sandals and men’s shoes

SLIPS AWAY pads prevents you from wearing and scratching on the your expensive soles. Perfect for walking, running, shopping and other indoor or outdoor activities, Unique anti slip technology grips slick surfaces to give you an amazing increase in traction, stability and confidence.


  • Ensure the soles of the shoes you intend to place the pads are smooth. Identify how the pads will be placed on the soles prior to beginning. Clean the soles with alcohol. Rid the surface of extra debris. Wait until completely dry. Use a hair dryer and heat up the soles for 5-10 seconds depending upon heat level. Unpeel the pad, sticky side up, and direct heat from hair dryer to pad for 20-30 seconds (or more if you can stand it). Apply the new heated side of the sticky pad to your sole. Allow the pads to dry for 24 hours for a full adhesive bond.
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