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Anti Slip Pre Cut Tile Tread ” HAZARD YELLOW BLACK STRIPED ” 150mm x 610mm

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SlipsAway’s Printed Anti Slip Warning Tape is something that we receive many requests for. Many customers commonly want to make a hazardous area not only safe for foot traffic but also prominently highlighted as a risk area; most customers prefer to do this by warning text. As a bespoke print onto safety-grip requires certain minimum order quantities, we decided that the best way to stop disappointing clients would be to create a standard print that would cover most of the requests which we receive; we now have two standard prints on rolls and two on cut pieces.

Will adhere to most surfaces
Contact our technical team to discuss your project on 0151 200 9036
Available with high-visibility stripes, chevrons, and glow in the dark photoluminescent lines
Fits most tiles, steps and stairs

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Sharing is Caring


Sharing is Caring

SlipsAway’s highlights hazardous areas as a risk to foot traffic, and is coated with a tough mineral anti-slip surface. The abrasive surface is not easily clogged by dirt, dust or other contaminants and, once applied, is extremely tough and not readily affected by chemicals. Recommended uses are on stair nosings, walkway edges, and at the edge of mid-level warehouse docks and loading bays.

Printed Safety Grip can be applied onto almost any interior or exterior surface; if applied onto an external porous surface (wood, concrete or stone etc) the use of H3506 Primer is recommended prior to application. For heavy duty fittings, it is recommended to use H3502 Edge Fix around the edge.

R118 approved (Burning behavior of materials used in the construction of commercial vehicles).

The Safety Grip range is available in many thicknesses and colours, including Transparent, Fluorescent Yellow, Hazard schemes in red/white and black/yellow, Camouflage, and Glow In The Dark Photoluminescent. The material comes on rolls as well as pre-made shapes, such as feet and boot outlines; more sizes and custom cuts, shapes and colours can be made to order, up to a maximum width of 1168mm – contact our sales team by email or on 0151 200 9036 to discuss your requirements.


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