Why You Need Anti Slip Decking Strips

Why You Need Anti Slip Decking Strips - Slips Away

Why You Need Anti Slip Decking Strips


Decking looks great in any outdoor environment, but it can be perilous after an unexpected shower (and we all know how often that happens in the UK!). When waxes and oils are used to keep decking in good condition and maintain its strength, they can become extremely slippery when mixed with water. This is a remedy that a lot of people are avoiding these days, considering the number of decking slip related accidents over the years.


You can acquire anti-slip decking if you are the type that loves to enjoy the sun even after the clouds have passed. Depending on your needs, budget, and desired aesthetic, you can choose from a variety of options. The market is filled with anti slip decking strips for various applications.


What are anti slip decking strips?


Slip-resistant Decking Strips attach to the top of your decking or step surface, providing a quick and easy way to improve safety on slick wood decking and steps while maintaining an attractive appearance. They are strips of material with an adhesive backing for attaching to other items, comparable to emery cloths and sandpaper. The strip then shows a rough surface for walking on, which helps people keep their balance. That is the primary advantage. As a result, the numerous accidents and injuries caused by deck slips, especially during the cold, wet seasons, can be abated.  


They help in wet and damp climates, and they help a little in dry and hot climates, but they do not provide much protection in snow/ice events, in most people's opinion. Because those occurrences are significantly less common, the assumption is that they are valuable and worth replacing when they show signs of wear. However, you have to be very keen before opting for any of the products on the market.


There are many different types of non-slip decking available in the market today, giving you a wide range of alternatives for creating a safe and attractive outdoor space. This is something that everyone should do for their family. Some of the options in the market include the following;

Complete anti-slip boards and extreme waterproofing

If you know your deck will be exposed to a lot of water and significant foot traffic, full anti-slip boards may be the best choice. For example, if you are placing a hot tub on your deck, it could be a good idea to have full anti-slip boards, at least around the hot tub, to minimise any accidents.


Large inserts cover the entirety of the board in a rubbery substance that is waterproof and slides resistant. This means that even if your decking is covered in enormous puddles of water, you will be able to walk across it safely. When you have full anti-slip boards, splashing is encouraged!


These are the greatest decking boards for avoiding accidents and providing the best grip, so if you are searching for a very safe deck or decking an area near a pool or hot tub, it is highly advisable for you to use these boards. They will help guarantee your safety.


These boards are not necessarily to everyone's taste in terms of aesthetics, but they come in a range of colours to match your deck - there are even 'grass' appearance decking boards if you believe they will work for you!


Anti-slip decking boards with unobtrusive strips integrated in

If your decking will not be utilised as a splash deck but will be exposed to rain, anti-slip decking with built-in anti-slip strips is a good option. This is the best option for individuals living in areas that experience frequent showers.


These decking boards, unlike the ones mentioned above, have a really stylish appearance, and the anti-slip strips are probably the least obvious of any alternative – so if you want a beautiful wood deck with the added safety of anti-slip features, these are the boards for you.

Each line of anti-slip material, composed of thin anti-slip strips of resin and aggregate, may easily be mistaken for a shadowy groove rather than a safety feature.

Anti-slip strips for previously purchased decking

Do not worry if you have already purchased decking; there are still options available to you without having to invest in a completely new deck. This is a concern that a lot of people out there raise after learning the significance of anti slip decking strips.


Anti-slip strips are your first option. Anti-slip strips are exceedingly simple to install and require no power tools. You can install these boards on your own. They also come in a variety of colours and can be used to cover slippery spots that are prone to algae growth.


To attach the strips, you will need a lubricated, high-performance cutter screw, but do not worry about the extra expense; they come with your anti-slip strips when you buy them. You may even have them cut to fit your deck, so all you have to do when they arrive is screw them on.

Anti-slip inserts for decking that have previously been purchased

Anti-slip decking inserts are very thin strips that are designed to fit into the grooves of your existing deck for a highly professional look. They are also incredibly easy to put together: just run a strip of decking glue along the groove you want to add the anti-slip strip to, then add your strip and let it dry. That's it!


Unlike the built-in strips, these strips can be placed wherever you choose on your deck, which is a great benefit. This is one of its best benefits.


Anti-slip materials are often made of resin and aggregate, which is especially useful for preventing slips during the winter. You can buy resin and aggregate strips separately or metal inserts with the strips pre-installed; just make sure you buy a sample first to make sure the strip will suit your decking board properly.