Where can I apply Anti Slip tape ?

Where can I apply Anti Slip tape ? - Slips Away

Anti-slip Tape

Slips Away have greatly expanded its selection of anti-slip tapes in recent years. Following the introduction of basic anti-slip tapes in various widths and anti-slip matting, conformable anti-slip strips on a roll and anti-slip treads for use on uneven surfaces like checkerboards have recently been added.

The same coarse, nearly diamond-hard aggregate finish is used in both Slips Away's photoluminescent nonslip tapes and its aluminium-backed anti-slip stair treads for optimal safety.

Our non-abrasive antislip tapes for use in swimming pools, gyms, and other public spaces make up the last category of this assortment.

All of our anti-slip tapes and anti-slip mats can be ordered within 24 hours.

The anti-slip products available from Slips Away are quite adaptable. There are many locations where the antislip tapes, cleats, and other items could be used, even though the majority of the materials are ordered for use on stairs.

Sports Centers

Many of Slips Away's current clients have begun employing anti-slip marking to mark their sports halls and courts due to the variety of sizes, styles, and colours. This maintains aesthetics while introducing an additional level of safety. Numerous colours, including white, yellow, and others, are in stock.


A huge warehouse in the West Midlands recently received supplies from Slips Away, including tape, markings, and anti-slip floor signage. This specific client preferred the "belt and braces" method of safety, so to identify bays, he used both anti-slip tape and rough-surface Forklift Truck signs and numbers.


The leading authority in stair anti-slip solutions is now Slips Away. We are confident that with our tape rolls, bolt-down strips, or stair nosing, we can assist make your interior or outdoor steps safer.


Certain moist places in a sauna, shower, gym, recreation centre, or hospital have a high danger of slipping and a large volume of foot traffic from bare feet, frequently that of small children or elderly people. Due to this, Slips Away is now a strong advocate of the Foot Friendly line of non-abrasive anti-slip tape. There is a reduced likelihood of losing footing because of the tape's high coefficient of friction and gentleness toward exposed skin.


Steep drops and inclines can be very dangerous in your school, yard, or grounds, especially during the winter. It could be advisable to use Slips Away's anti-slip line as a result. It is affordable and easy to install a solution that can minimise the risk of damage to automobiles as well as the risk of accidents for pedestrians using tape, cleats, or bolt-down plates.

Home Care

The bulk of residents at care facilities are older, more fragile individuals who would greatly benefit from the installation of anti-fall measures. A disabled access ramp is useful, but in cold or icy weather, it can become quite unsafe to walk on. Anti-slip tapes can aid in reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Proper Maintenance

Along with the typical red prohibition marking and yellow warning tape, Slips Away also has a variety of glow-in-the-dark (photoluminescent) anti-slip tape. This can lessen the danger of harm both on a daily basis and during frantic fire evacuation circumstances, as well as assist in directing people in an emergency.

Naturally, the demand for anti-slip solutions is as diverse as the options available. The management of an organisation must decide what is necessary. After all, very few people will apply anti-slip tape over the entire floor. Utilizing slip-resistant tapes, cleats, and plates can reduce the risk of harm and assist in adhering to the following laws:

 HSWA1974 (Health and Safety at Work Act)

Employers have a responsibility to look out for their own health and safety as well as that of others, and they are required to use any specified safety equipment.

Regulations 3 for Management of Health and Safety at Work 1999

Expanding on the aforementioned, it mandates that companies evaluate all risks, including slip, trip, and fall hazards.

Regulation 12 of the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations of 1992

Floors must be appropriate, in excellent shape, and free of obstructions, according to this regulation. Safe movement should be possible for everyone.

Visit the HSE website for more information on the aforementioned and how it impacts you.

To suit every purpose, Slips Away offers a variety of anti-slip finishes. All of the following come with our Ultra-Strong adhesive, so appropriate installation creates a surface that is long-lasting and anti-slip.

X-Coarse and XXL Coarse

This tape uses much larger aggregates to give the most possible traction. Due to its "diamond hard" finish, it is ideal for usage in warehouses with high traffic as well as locations that frequently become icy or damp.


These tapes, strips, and sheets are intended for usage in moist environments, during peak foot traffic hours, and in other locations. Both functional and hospitable to feet, its finish.


Use this tape in locations with very few pedestrians, pallet trucks, or forklifts. Generally used indoors, but also good for outdoor use. Using the X-Coarse version to further reduce danger may be worthwhile if the location is exceptionally slick or prone to ice.

The selection of anti-slip products from Slips Away includes numerous finishes in a variety of styles. 


The tapes from Slips Away range in width from 25 mm to 610 mm and are typically sold in rolls of 18.3 metres, making them suitable for practically any purpose. We can dispatch the majority of sizes in nine colours as stock products, frequently the very next day. Every anti-slip necessity can actually be met. These tapes come in the following colours from stock and can be used safely indoors or outdoors:

The most typical colour is black. Frequently found in school hallways. Yellow is used to denote warehouses or to highlight specific areas.

According to BS EN ISO 5499 Colors, hazardous locations are designated with yellow/black chevrons. 

Clear colour is used in high-end settings where appearance is crucial.

The use of red and white chevrons to indicate prohibition is typically common in locations that require authorization to access.

Red is used to delineate a space for fire apparatus or to adhere to branding standards. In hospitals or around swimming pools, blue is frequently used.

Grey is used for softening the look of a hallway or pathway. For areas that value aesthetics once more. Brown is used on wooden floors, to match the decor, or to promote a company.

Fire exits, refuge zones, and other areas that need to be kept safe are marked with white (glow-in-the-dark) paint.

Chevrons in white and black that glow in the dark are used to signal safe conditions. frequently used to identify extinguishers, stairways, and final fire exits.


These adhesive-backed strips, which are offered in 610x150mm strips and are similar to tapes, come in hazard warning colours and can optionally include the phrases CAUTION or WATCH YOUR STEP. These strips are frequently used to indicate pedestrian-safe paths.


A variety of bolt-down plates are available from Slips Away for decking and other uneven surfaces. These plates, which measure 365x115mm, are the ideal anti-slip solution for damp, hazardous situations like garden decks, wooden steps, or areas near canals or locks. These licence plates come in black, yellow, or a combination of both colours with a hazard warning chevron.

Stair nose

These bolt-down treads, like the plates, sit at the lip of your staircase to provide a clear path for anyone passing by. In addition, we provide a GRP version that is easily trimmed to fit and has exceptional friction, especially in greasy or damp environments.

Square tiles

A specialty line of tile squares is available from Slips Away. These kits, which come in packs of ten and are available in black, yellow, and clear finishes, can assist ensure safety in shower stalls, kitchens, and other locations with heavy foot traffic and risk. They are also available in SSP's Foot Friendly barefoot anti-slip finishes, which are non-abrasive.

Sealant and Primer

The use of primer and/or sealant may be beneficial for surfaces that are more difficult to maintain or for areas that receive a lot of traffic. The primer from Slips Away is used to treat surfaces that are porous by nature, such as concrete, stone, or wood. This primer enables a more reliable adhesion between the adhesive and the floor. 

In order to reduce the danger of damage from moving feet, automobiles, pallets or forklift trucks, sealant offers an extra layer of grip around the edges of tapes and cleats. Before utilising either of these devices, please refer to the installation manuals.

Why use anti-slip tape?

Anti-slip tape is clearly a step in the direction of a safe environment, but why should you put it in?

First off, it takes little time or effort to install this tape. This suggests a much more straightforward solution than anti-slip paint, which might call for the closure, emptying, and re-fitting of a warehouse. By only being deployed in troublesome regions, it also reduces waste.

While thermoplastic marking may be preferable in some circumstances, the tape is typically a quicker, less expensive, and less intrusive option. Again, the anti-slip tape can be used without particular training or tools (although our straight line tape marker may come in handy), and without having to halt production, pack, or block off an area until it is safe.

Slips Away's anti-slip tapes can be utilised as a solution for any danger, prohibition, or safe condition area marking due to their affordability and photoluminescence option. This means that employing one item can assist in adhering to a variety of best practices and laws, as well as keeping everyone safe and knowledgeable about risk, which is ultimately the most important component.

On the other hand, Slips Away also carries coloured and transparent tapes, allowing you to include branding into your health and safety routine when aesthetics are crucial. Additionally, we can supply tape to any colour reference (RGB, CMYK, Hex, Pantone), though lead times will inevitably be a little longer.

We offer cut-to-size capabilities in addition to bespoke colours. We have the ability to cut forms, widths, and lengths. One client needed footprint forms, which we were able to deliver fast and for a price that even the sales team was shocked about! Additionally, because we work a lot in print, we can add customised wording to your cleats, strips, and tapes.

The anti-slip tape has the advantage of being quite simple to identify. This indicates that people are likely to have it pass their minds without even realising it. Due to the anti-slip safety net underneath and the pedestrians watching their steps, this has a nearly placebo-like effect.


The installation of anti-slip systems is without a doubt its most crucial component. It is relatively simple to produce a solution that is either transient or actively dangerous by taking shortcuts or rushing. Simply adhere to the specified installation sheet to prevent this, or do the following actions;

Before applying the tape, it is recommended to clean, brush, and dry the surface. Any traces of dust, dirt or other impurities could lead to air bubbles in the adhesive, which would shorten its useful life. It might be worthwhile to use a primer if you're putting on wood, concrete, or another porous surface. Even though it may be obvious, installation in the rain is not recommended at all. Why not utilise bolt-down plates for regions that are more problematic?

Without creating any creases or bubbles, apply the tape flat.

Again, air pockets created by wrinkles and bubbles shorten the lifespan of the tape or cleat. To avoid having to reinstall later, it is always worth taking the time to install correctly the first time. The story roller from Slips Away can easily give straight and flat lines to prevent problems like these and guarantee a flat installation. Some surfaces aren't flat by nature, of course. The conformable tape from Slips Away is perfect for certain surfaces, such as chequer plates.

Is sealant required?

It could be a good idea to add a sealer around the borders if the area is likely to experience heavy foot traffic as well as a regular forklift or pallet truck traffic. Despite the fact that the adhesive is very powerful, adding an edge sealant reduces the possibility of the tape being kicked up by wheels or feet, extending its longevity and avoiding a trip hazard.

Allow it to dry

The tape from Slips Away is ready for use after installation. To make sure that the adhesive is properly and uniformly set, it is a good idea to let the tape, strip, or cleat dry (preferably overnight for larger sections).