Rubber mats are not hygienic

Rubber mats are not hygienic - Slips Away

Rubber bath mats are not hygienic as they absorb water and debris so it becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms. Slips Away ultra thin rubber bath mat is made out of an innovative Anti-Slip vinyl that has been expertly designed to prevent slips and falls in the tub or around the home while also being non-absorbent. It’s also resistant to stains, mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria. This means your bathroom stays clean longer! In the case of people who have allergies, this could serve as a relief from their woes and would not only help them maintain good hygiene but also be productive.

A microbe is a tiny living organism. The best way to prevent the growth of microbes in the bathtub is to use Slips Away Bath Mat or any other type of mat that covers or not exposed to water. The microbes get into the bathtub by the person’s skin and clothes. If there is dirt on the person, they usually take it in their hair, hands and arms when they enter or leave a bathroom. The dirt can contain bacteria and some metals like lead and mercury which are not good for our hygiene. This is why we always clean ourselves after we leave a bathroom. When you take a shower, we should always remember to close the door so that microbes do not get into other rooms in the house.

A lot of people think that using a bleach solution is the best way to prevent the growth of microbes in the bathroom. While this does have some benefits, this isn’t really recommended because it can lead to problems like bleach odor and color changes in clothing.

Our non slip bath mat comes in three sizes – small (40 x 76 cm), medium (40 x 86 cm) or large (40 x 96 cm). You can choose from two colors – White or Clear. To make things even better we offer fast UK shipping!

We know you’ll love our non slip bath mats because it will keep your bathroom cleaner for longer than traditional rubber mats while still providing the same comfort underfoot. Click here to order your own Slips Away non slip bath mat!