How to Remove Anti Slip Tape

How to Remove Anti Slip Tape - Slips Away

A number of items around the home are often fitted with anti slip tape, including tiles, bathtubs, and flooring.

If you’re thinking about replacing or updating these items, you might want to know how to remove anti slip tape first. Luckily, this process is fairly simple, but it does depend on what kind of tape was used originally.

Installing anti-slip tape can be a great way to ensure that your family is safe when walking around on your deck or porch.

However, there are other ways to achieve similar results, like using non-skid paint, which has no adhesive but is much more costly and is better for a large surface area.

Here are some tips for removing anti slip tape quickly and safely:

Buy Correct Removal Products

Even if you buy anti slip tape, it may take some finesse to get it up and off your floor.

Many people make one of two mistakes with their removal products: they use old, ineffective products (like sandpaper or steel wool) or they choose a product that’s simply too strong for their job.

When working with anti slip tape, think of yourself as performing surgery on your floor; you wouldn’t want to remove all of your paint in one go! You want to gently break apart and remove only what you need.

To do that, try using chemical strippers specifically made for removing things like wax and anti slip coating from floors. This type of stripping product will help prevent unnecessary damage while also making sure no residue is left behind when you’re done.

Use the Right Tools

To get rid of anti-slip tape, you need to get rid of its adhesive layer, which means using an oil solvent. The type of solvent you choose should depend on what type of material you’re working with.

For example, if your deck is made from synthetic materials such as plastic or wood, then mineral spirits will do just fine. If your deck is made from cedar or redwood, however, use a citrus-based solvent instead.

Work on One Small Area at a Time

Be aware that removing anti-slip tape is often a task best done in stages.

If you’re planning to tear it all off at once, you may end up inadvertently pulling up your floor covering or carpeting along with it. Instead, focus on one small area at a time and remove just that section.

Once you’ve removed all of the tape from that space, then move on to another small section until there’s nothing left but bare flooring.

Avoid Using Chemicals Near Water

Before removing anti slip tape, assess your environment.

If you’re removing anti slip tape from a pool, pond, or other areas where chemicals are present, avoid using harsh chemicals to remove the adhesive. Chemicals like acetone can be harmful to aquatic life and waterways if not properly rinsed away.

Instead, use salt or vinegar to help loosen and soak up any residue before scrubbing it with soap and water to finish cleaning up.

Non slip clear tape

Give Yourself Enough Time

When removing anti-slip tape, you want to give yourself enough time and be careful not to rush or cut corners.

Never put more than one piece of tape on a surface and make sure that they aren’t too close together.

Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to get them off in one piece! Cleaning your surface beforehand can prevent dust from being trapped under your tape.

Wear Protective Gloves and Clothes

Make sure you wear gloves and clothes that can withstand chemicals in order to protect your skin while you remove anti-slip tape.

Also, make sure you pay attention to any warnings on how long or how often you should leave anti-slip tape in place.

Ventilate the Room

If your floors are covered in anti-slip tape, then you might want to consider taking a few extra precautions. Ensure that there is good ventilation in your room before trying to remove it.

Using an anti-slip material can be dangerous because of its adhesive properties, so you’ll need to open up some windows or doors.

You should also use gloves when removing anti-slip tape because it could cause irritation if left on for too long.

Clean Up Any Spills Quickly and Thoroughly

After you have removed the anti-slip tape, it’s important to clean up any spills and messes right away. If you don’t do so quickly and thoroughly, your surfaces will be ruined.


Although these tips will help you remove anti slip tape without damaging your floor, be warned that it is not always as easy as pulling up a piece of tape.

If your anti-slip tape has been on your flooring for a while and/or if it is old and sun-damaged, chances are you’ll need to dig deep and get down to scraping and sanding. Your best option is to buy your anti-slip tape from reputable companies.

If you are not sure where to buy anti slip tape from, SlipsAway is a good option to consider. They provide easy-to-install and quick-to-remove non-slip flooring products.