How can Slips Away make your home safer?

How can Slips Away make your home safer? - Slips Away

Did you know that most home accidents involve slipping and falling because of recently waxed floors, loose floorboards, wet floors, and other slippery surfaces? 


In the happiest cases, you’re only left with a scare and maybe a bruise, but slip and fall accidents in homes can be more serious than you think, especially when they involve small children, seniors, or people with mobility issues. An innocent slip and fall accident can lead to someone getting seriously hurt, which is why you should take preventive measures that keep everyone safe and offer you peace of mind. 


This is where Slips Away can help. Designed with the highest safety standards in mind, Slips Away is a quick, affordable, and convenient solution for everyone who wants to reduce the risk of slipping accidents at home. Slips Away anti slip tape matches any indoor and outdoor design style, is easy to use, and offers more benefits than anti slip rugs. 


Indoor and outdoor protection

Slips Away is a versatile grip tape that matches any surface in the house. You can find options for your: 


  • Bathroom (various shower and bathtub designs are available)
  • Kitchen 
  • Stairway steps 
  • Laminate or hardwood floor areas 
  • Ceramic tiles 
  • Outdoor surfaces (stone, fibreglass decks, boats, warehouse floors, patios, porches, bricks)


Placing safety tape on the areas that pose the highest slip and fall risks in your home reduces friction and provides extra protection. 


  • Applying non slip tape does not damage surfaces, not even hardwood floors! 
  • Slips Away offers commercial grade 80 Grit, which means they stick exceptionally well and reduce injury risk.
  • For outdoor surfaces, you can order waterproof tape that has a longer lifespan. 
  • Slips Away products are available in a wide range of stylish colours and patterns. Whether you want to fit them in your shower, bathroom, or front porch, you can always find a beautiful design that blends in seamlessly with your décor. Playful designs for the children’s room are also available! 


With Slips Away, you can keep everyone in your family safe. Whether you want to make sure an elderly loved one doesn’t fall or that the kids don’t accidentally hurt themselves when they run up and down the stairs, Slips Away offers a superior level of grit for their safety and your peace of mind.

Why not just use a mat?

Many homeowners have anti-slip mats at their front door or in the bathroom (which is where 70% of home accidents occur). However, mats offer limited anti-slip protection and cause more problems than they solve. Because of the humidity, bath mats quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria, causing mould. Slips Away products are treated with mould and mildew coating so this doesn’t happen. And, because of their superior grip, they don’t allow the mould to grow underneath either. Also, compared to anti-slip rugs, Slips Away grip tape is more subtle and matches any tile colour and pattern. You can also fit it inside the bathtub or shower cabin for extra protection. 


Slips Away are easy to fit, easy to clean, and easy to remove.