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Where to Get Hazard Tape and Fire Exit Markers

Where to Get Hazard Tape and Fire Exit Markers - Slips Away

Hazard tape and fire exit markers are important to have in any workplace. They serve a wide variety of safety functions such as directing employees and visitors to the safest exit point in case of an emergency evacuation.

They also help in marking off and blocking entry into potentially dangerous or hazardous sections in the workplace.

In the current COVID-19 pandemic times, hazard tape can be used to mark contaminated parts of your workplace. Keep in mind that blocking the lack of proper marking on emergency exits in your facility can result in hefty fines from workplace safety regulatory authorities.

Lack of hazard tape marking and fire exit markers can also be grounds for huge liability claims against your company or business.

It is therefore important to invest in the best hazard tape and fire exit markers that can help your employees and visitors evacuate quickly and efficiently in an organized manner in an emergency situation.

Hazard and Fire Exit Marking Best Practices


Every workplace or business needs to have proper identification, marking, and lighting of all exit routes to minimize danger to employees in case of a fire or any other emergency.

Every exit route should be clearly identifiable and visible to employees and customers with normal vision.

The exit route should be clearly labelled with a FIRE EXIT sign. The door of the exit route should also be free of other signs or decorations that may obscure its visibility in an emergency situation.

Besides the exit door, you should also improve your safety awareness measures by installing effective floor marking preferably using the universally recognized yellow hazard tape to direct people towards the safest and quickest exit door in case of an emergency.



Importance of Floor Marking

Proper floor marking helps to improve organization and safety efficiency in any business or workplace facility by clearly marking pathways, aisles, and other hazardous areas.

A yellow hazard tape, for instance, can also be used on the floor to guide traffic to safe exits. Floor marking enhances the visibility of important sections of the building such as evacuation routes, portable fire extinguisher locations, and fire exits.

Floor marking can also be applied on other surfaces within your business or workplace such as walls, handrails, door frames, and safety equipment.

Some of the many places you can apply yellow hazard tape include stairways and handrails to provide extra visibility and grip on the steps, doorways, and passageways to identify exit routes, aisles, and pathways to help personnel and customers navigate to exit routes easily, on safety equipment stations such as fire extinguishers, and on the facility doors especially in industrial processing plants and warehouses.

Keep in mind that all emergency exit signs are designed to quickly and clearly direct people where to go in case of a fire or any other emergency situation.

They should be marked in a way that ensures that the distance people travel to escape from the building is as short as possible. The distance should ideally be measured from the farthest point in any room to the nearest protected stairway or exit door.

Safety regulations also state that the fire exit should be clearly marked and free from any obstruction. The exit should also be compliant with all British safety standards and regulations. The fire exit door should be clearly marked with the right signs, for example in yellow hazard tape or any other fire exit marker.



Where to Buy Hazard Tape and Fire Exit Markers

A fire exit and other emergency exit markers are essential parts of any apartment block and commercial building. They help to maintain the safety standards of the building.

However, to ensure that you have the best hazard tape and fire exit markers, you need to ensure that you are buying the items from a reliable company that specializes in safety equipment.

At SlipsAway, we provide customers with access to a wide range of hazard tape and fire exit marker products at affordable prices. All our hazard tape products are made of strong weather-resistant materials such as PE-laminated tape.

The hazard tape can be used on different types of materials including metal, concrete, and wood to seal off or clearly mark potentially dangerous areas in the building. We provide both pre-cut and rolls of hazard tape to suit your needs.

Our yellow hazard tape can also be used as a floor marking sign to maintain social distance at your business or workplace in the current COVID-19 pandemic. It comes in bright black and yellow colours that are easily recognized even in the haste and panic of an emergency.

Another advantage of SlipsAway hazard tapes and fire exit markers is the fact that they are highly adhesive and resistant to abrasion.

We understand that emergencies and fires do not happen on a regular basis which is why our products are designed to last for many years once attached to the appropriate surface. They are extremely durable and will not fade any time soon.

If you are looking for the best hazard tape and fire exit markers, check our range of products in this category for the best prices online today.