What Can I Put Under My Shoes to Keep from Slipping?

What Can I Put Under My Shoes to Keep from Slipping? - Slips Away

One of life’s greatest pleasures is getting a brand new pair of footwear. You can tell they’re new by their clean look until you learn that their slippery sleek style poses a danger to your health.

The soles of a pair of shoes are made from a variety of materials, depending on the shoe designer. Slippery soles are the consequence of selecting a slick material for constructing the shoe’s sole. There are other times when soles can be slippery due to their flatness.

It used to be that only people who worked in the foodservice industry and those who worked in custodial jobs were compelled to wear slip-resistant shoes. This was because of the necessity to dramatically minimize the cost and frequency of slips and fall-related injuries.

Today, non-slip shoes have become mandatory for several occupations. Veterinarians, engineers, restaurant employees, medical professionals, and other employees who are frequently exposed to wet surfaces of varied textures are required to wear slip-resistant shoes as well.

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Since many people have to work or walk on slick surfaces, it’s advisable to start with a shoe that is both non-slippery and skid-resistant. If you don’t have one, do not worry because there are ways to make the soles of your work shoe slip-resistant even if it wasn’t non-slip when you originally bought it.

Here are a few things you can do to your shoes to prevent slips and falls.

  1. Scuff the Soles of Your Shoes

In order to make the slip-resistant soles of your shoes as easy as possible, simply rub the soles with sandpaper or anything else with a hard surface, such as a rock, brick, or gravel.

Rubbing a rough object on the sole of your shoe will cause microscopic grooves to appear and provide you with better traction when walking on slippery surfaces.

Fine sandpaper works great because it creates an overall non-slip surface. It adds small grooves to the bottom of your shoe while removing the sole’s original slick coating.

  1. Put a Mixture of Salt and Glue to the Soles

Add a gritty texture to your soles to keep you from sliding on wet and slippery surfaces.

You can coat the soles of your shoes with a mixture of salt and rubber glue to create a firm non-slip component to any boot or shoe of your choice.

You can use a good plastic adhesive to create a grainy surface on rubber-soled shoes. With a little salt sprinkled on top, you’ll have sticky treads that won’t let you down.

  1. Spray-On Coating

You can also apply spray-on coatings to make your boots less slippery. As an alternative, you can use hair spray to achieve a similar effect.

Grip pads and sandpaper provide a more permanent solution, however, than spray-on coatings. Although hairspray seems to be a stopgap measure, it can be used in place of spray-on traction glue to make smooth-soled shoes a bit more non-slip.

However, this quick remedy will need to be reapplied every day. Check that the hairspray is totally dry before going outside.

  1. Buy Non-Slip Shoe Pads

Anti-slips shoe pads are the best way to prevent slips and falls. The foodservice and food processing industries, for example, have specific safety rules that require proper protection against accidents caused by damp and oily floors.

Your employees must be equipped with slip-resistant footwear, such as the SlipsAway non-slip shoe pads, to prevent accidents.

There are several benefits to using non-slip shoe pads like SlipsAway’s. The non-slip shoe pads not only prevent mishaps on wet or oily surfaces but also keep your shoes from getting greasy and boost their durability.

SlipsAway non-slip shoe pads allow your workers to work with safety and confidence, increasing productivity.

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In today’s workplace, slips, trips, and falls are among the most prevalent incidents that can cause significant injury. In order to reduce slip, trip, and fall accidents, it is vital that your workplace be constructed safely. It is also important to ensure that you and your staff are protected from slips by wearing shoes with anti-slip soles.

Wet, oily, or icy surfaces are no match for SlipsAway’s anti-slip shoe pads. Additionally, they boost the durability of your shoe sole by preventing wear and tear on slippery surfaces.

The anti-slip shoe pads are designed to be kind to your floors too. They’ll not leave ugly marks or scuff the floor no matter how many of your staff are walking around in soles equipped with non-slip soles.

Our non-slip footwear pads stick to the bottom and front soles of various types of shoes with ease. They’re even suitable for women’s dress pumps. For a flawless and firm fit, they come in a self-adhesive design.

Wearing anti-slip shoe pads will protect the soles of your pricey shoes while also increasing your working safety. The non-slip soles are ideal for running, walking, shopping, and other tasks that involve walking on slippery surfaces.