What are the main benefits of using anti slip bath discs?

What are the main benefits of using anti slip bath discs? - Slips Away

Safety in the shower

Baths and showers can often become quite dangerous while wet, being very slippery. Non-slip bath discs will provide you with safety my making the surface more coarse allowing your feet to grip to the discs. Falling over in the bath or the shower can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even fatal.


Our non slip bath discs look great

The simple bath discs are perfect as a long term solution for making your shower or bath safe while also looking great. Our clear, aqua safe, anti slip stickers once applied will prevent anyone from slipping in your shower while keeping it looking great.


Really easy to fit

Our bath discs come complete with all the accessories needed to fit them yourself. Made from an innovative anti-slip vinyl, our non slip bath discs come with a free fitting template and bath degreaser. Clean the area thoroughly prior to fitting the stickers using the provided degreaser. Then once the area is clean it must be dried before applying the stickers. The stickers are intended for baths and showers however the stickers are safe to use on indoor and outdoor surfaces, including concrete, stainless steel, Metal, wood, tiles and laminate floor.

Different sized bath discs

Our Anti slip bath discs come in various sizes. Depending on the surface area you are looking to cover you can choose accordingly how many bath discs you are going to need.

28x35mm non slip shower stickers

100mm large bath discs

56x35mm clear non slip bath discs


Can I use the stickers to cover the whole bath area?

Yes you can, we often have customers requesting to cover as much as the bath or shower area as possible. The stickers can be placed close together to create the similar effect thant full rubber bath mat can make.


Mould resistant and Hygiene

These non-slip bath discs will not gather bacteria like mouldy rubber mats do and are extremely easy to clean. In order to clean your bath discs you should use your regular non abrasive cleaner. Please do not leave cleaning agent on the product for an extended period of time as this will cause the adhesive to weaken.


Long term anti slip solution

Our products come with a very strong adhesive to ensure they will remain in place after fitting. With this the material of the bath discs is also non abrasive, to prevent irritating bare skin, while still providing exceptional grip. These are extremely durable and will last for a long time providing the recommended care is taken.


Easy to remove

Since the stickers are meant to be long term and permanent they are quite difficult to remove without the correct materials. A sharp object can be forced under the sticker to raise it. Then the adhesive must be removed using a non abrasive bath cleaner and a soft cloth, and wipe this gently onto the abrasive and it will slowly disappear.


Why SlipsAway Anti Slip Solutions?

SlipsAway is the UK’s leading seller of non slip treads. The quality of the items is checked thoroughly and we only work with the best and most reliable suppliers to ensure a top quality product is delivered to you. Our goal is to improve safety and assist in preventing slips or falls or any similar accidents.

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Delivery from SlipsAway

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