The Best Non-Slip Shower Stickers

The Best Non-Slip Shower Stickers - Slips Away

Are you concerned about shower safety but can’t find the best non-slip shower stickers? Well, we understand your concerns especially if you have young children and would like to ensure that they are safe from slip and fall accidents in the bathroom while showering.

The safety of your family is a primary concern for any caring parent and the best way you can ensure that your kids are safe while splashing under the shower as they always do is to provide anti-slip shower stickers.

What Are Non-Slip Shower Stickers?

Non-slip shower stickers are basically treads that can be installed in a shower or bath to protect you and your family from slipping.

The shower stickers come with a strong adhesive that allows you to stick them on any surface inside the bathroom. They are usually smaller than traditional bath mats but easier to clean among other advantages that we’ll point out shortly.

You can attach these anti-slip shower stickers on a wide range of surfaces including enamel, plastic baths, and shower trays. The stickers are super versatile. Some of them feature colourful images of animals, fish, and other creatures from famous children’s stories such as unicorns and mermaids.

Anti-slip shower stickers come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some of these stickers such as SlipsAway non-slip shower stickers are designed to last really long if glued down properly. You’ll not need to replace them for a long time, even years.

Benefits of Installing the Best Non-Slip Shower Stickers

There are several benefits of having non-slip shower stickers but the most obvious one is shower safety.

Keep in mind that every year, thousands of people across the UK and the world suffer from injuries caused by slip and fall accidents in the shower or bath. Falling in the shower can cause a few bumps and bruises but in the worst-case scenario, the accident could result in serious injuries that require emergency hospitalization.

It is therefore important to stay safe while enjoying your shower or bath using a few anti-slip shower stickers strategically placed in highly slippery paces. A non-slip shower sticker can save you or your family a nasty fall.

Another benefit of shower stickers is that these non-slip stickers add a touch of fun to your bathroom. SlipsAway non slip shower stickers, for example, come in a wide range of colours and bright images that your kids will surely love seeing in the shower. There are even transparent stickers if you want to maintain the overall décor of your bathroom.

SlipsAway anti-slip shower stickers are also easy to fit on any part of your bathroom. You don’t even need to take measurements before attaching the stickers. The stickers come with a strong adhesive that easily attaches to a wide range of surface materials in your shower or bathroom.

The shower stickers are also quite inexpensive and readily available at the official SlipsAway website. They come in packs of different sizes and a number of stickers to suit your needs and budget. The stickers are lightweight and portable enough to carry with you when, for example, you are staying in a hotel.


Advantages of Non-Slip Shower Stickers Over Traditional Bath Mats

Non-slip shower stickers are better than traditional bath mats in many ways.

Consider the following:

  • Easier to Clean

Bath mats may provide secure non-slip surfaces in the shower but one thing you have to deal with is the fact they get dirty quickly and require constant cleaning.

No matter what type or how expensive the bath mat is, it will always get dirty after just a few showers. The mats need to be scrubbed and cleaned frequently if you want to continue using them. It is no surprise why most people give up and discard the mats quite easily.

If the mats are not properly cleaned frequently, they will quickly start growing mould and mildew, which are quite hard to get rid of. Anti-slip shower stickers, on the other hand, come with a protective coating that prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

Shower stickers are also attached to the surface directly which ensures that there’s no space to accumulate oils and dirt or even grow mould underneath the sticker. They are also quite easy to clean. You just need to give them a quick wipe and let leave them to dry wherever they are attached to.

  • Shower Stickers Are More Durable

One of the biggest advantages of shower stickers is that they are more durable than traditional bath mats.

Once you glue them down to the shower surface, they will stay put for many years to come.

  • Provide a More Reliable Grip

Bath mats are known to shift position on wet floors and could still cause a slip and fall accident. Shower stickers are glued to the ground and will not move or shift while you are in the shower.

They provide a better and safer grip than traditional bath mats.

What Are the Best Non-Slip Shower Stickers?

If you are looking for the most reliable, durable, and affordable shower stickers, you won’t go wrong with SlipsAway anti-slip shower stickers.

SlipsAway provides customers with a wide range of colourful, fun, and affordable shower stickers that your kids will love while keeping your family safe. You can easily and conveniently purchase the stickers online too.