How to Keep Your Children Safe: Anti-Slip Solutions for Kid-Friendly Homes

How to Keep Your Children Safe: Anti-Slip Solutions for Kid-Friendly Homes - Slips Away

As parents, ensuring the safety of our children in every aspect of their lives is of the utmost importance. One of the most significant areas to address when creating a secure and child-friendly home is the prevention of slip-and-fall accidents. Children are naturally curious and full of energy, meaning they're no strangers to running around and exploring, often without a care for potential hazards. To provide a secure environment without stifling their sense of adventure, it's essential to consider implementing anti-slip solutions throughout your home tailored to keeping children safe.

In this article, we will discuss various child-friendly anti-slip solutions designed to safeguard the most critical areas of your home where accidents are more likely to occur. Each space, from indoor flooring to outdoor play areas, has unique challenges and requires specific safety measures. 

With the right combination of anti-slip solutions in place, you can provide a nurturing environment that allows your children to learn, play, and explore while minimising the risk of accidents. Safety and fun can coexist in a well-thought-out space that caters to the needs and interests of your little ones.

Slip-Resistant Flooring Options: Combining Safety, Comfort, and Style

When selecting flooring for your child-friendly home, choosing materials that prioritise safety without compromising comfort and appearance is crucial. Slip-resistant flooring not only provides an essential barrier against accidents but can, in some cases, offer added cushioning for little feet. Popular child-friendly flooring options include:

  • Rubber: Durable, non-toxic, and slip-resistant, rubber flooring absorbs shock and is available in various colours and designs to add a playful touch to your interiors.
  • Cork: Soft, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly, cork flooring offers natural slip resistance and is ideal for children's bedrooms and playrooms.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring: Combining water resistance with ample cushioning, luxury vinyl tiles are an easy-to-clean and stylish option for busy family homes.

Child-Friendly Staircase Solutions: Enhancing Safety One Step at a Time

Staircases can be one of the most dangerous areas within a home for small children. By incorporating the right products and design features, you can minimise the risks associated with stairs without compromising on aesthetics. To achieve this, consider implementing:

  • Anti-slip stair treads: Available in materials such as rubber, carpet, or vinyl, stair treads offer additional grip on each step, covering the entire surface area for maximum safety.
  • Stair nosing: Along with providing slip resistance, stair nosing can increase visibility and protect the edges of each step from wear and tear.
  • Child-friendly guardrails and bannisters: Incorporate sturdy handrails and balustrades with appropriate gaps to ensure your children can't easily slip through.

Anti-Slip Solutions for Bathrooms: Prioritising Safety for Bath Time and Beyond

Bathrooms can be particularly hazardous due to wet surfaces and the use of soap and shampoo. As a result, it’s essential to implement bathroom-specific safety measures such as:

  • Non-slip bath mats: Adhering securely to the tub or shower floor, non-slip bath mats offer extra traction to prevent slips during bath time.
  • Anti-slip bathroom flooring: Choose slip-resistant flooring options, such as textured vinyl or tiles with a high slip-resistance rating, to minimise the risk of accidents on wet surfaces.
  • Grip aids: Installing grab bars or handles around the bath, shower, or toilet can provide extra stability and support for children navigating slippery bathroom areas.

Outdoor Safety Solutions: Creating Fun and Secure Play Areas

Investing in the right outdoor surfaces and equipment ensures your children's safety as they play and explore. When creating outdoor play areas, consider the following anti-slip solutions:

  • Slip-resistant decking and lawns: For raised decking areas, opt for materials designed for slip resistance; alternatively, look for artificial grass products with built-in slip resistance to keep your lawn safe year-round.
  • Playground surfaces: Choose specialised playground surfacing that provides both slip resistance and cushioning for playtime, such as rubber mulch, bonded rubber bark, or rubber play tiles.
  • Safety pads for play equipment: Cover hard surfaces near play structures with safety padding to reduce the risk and severity of injuries from falls or tumbles.


Creating a safe, child-friendly home involves more than just adding a few safety gates and corner protectors. By considering anti-slip solutions tailored for children, you can create a space that respects their natural instincts to explore while minimising the potential for injury. From slip-resistant flooring to outdoor play area surfaces, a well-rounded approach to safety measures ensures peace of mind as you watch your little ones grow and discover the world around them.

Browse the extensive range of products available from Slips Away to equip your home with high-quality anti-slip solutions designed to keep children safe. With our diverse selection and expert guidance, you'll be well on your way to creating a fun, secure environment for your entire family.