5EA463DE-091B-4F67-B75B-6414BD460D91_4_5005_c EWM01-Attention-Forklift-Truck-Area-Floor-Sign EWM02-Attention-Keep-Aisles-Clear-Floor-Sign EWM03-No-Entry-Floor-Sign EWM05-Attention-Floor-Slippery-When-Wet-Floor-Sign EWM06-Attention-Authorised-Personnel-Only-Floor-Sign EWM07-Attention-Pedestrian-Traffic-Floor-Sign EWM08-Attention-No-Smoking-Floor-Sign EWM09-Attention-No-Naked-Lights-Floor-Sign EWM10-Attention-No-Food-or-Drink-Floor-Sign EWM11-Attention-Eye-Protection-Must-Be-Worn-Floor-Sign EWM12-Attention-Ear-Protection-Must-Be-Worn-Floor-Sign EWM13-Attention-Protective-Footwear-Must-Be-Worn-Floor-Sign EWM14-Attention-Watch-Your-Step-Floor-Sign EWM15-Attention-Safety-Helmets-Must-Be-Worn-Floor-Sign EWM04-Forwards-Arrow-Floor-Sign

Warehouse Floor Marker Signs

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Slips Away Warehouse Marker Signs warn personnel of hazards and restrictions in workplaces, attaching to floors, walls and doors. Useful for warehouses, factories, building and construction sites, choose from designs featuring forklift trucks, to ear and eye protection, increasing safety.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Durable laminate
  • Many designs available
  • The signs are quick to install, with minimal disruption to business.
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Sharing is Caring


Sharing is Caring

Slips Away Warehouse Marker Signs are designed for use in factories, warehouses, building and construction sites, anywhere that requires safety notifications and warnings to be highlighted and displayed clearly to personnel, staff and members of the public.

The signs are easy to apply to floors or walls with a self-adhesive back, with minimal disruption to business. The design has a tough laminated layer over the top to protect it from working environments, and is easy to clean.

Slips Away Warehouse Marker Signs can be used at entrance ways to warn of hazards to look out for or of area restrictions, such as forklifts operating, or for slippery steps and stairs. The signs can be displayed on floors, walls and doors, installing quickly; ideal for businesses with continuous production that require minimal disruption.

See the Slips Away range of accessories for additional help during application, pro-longing the life of anti-slip tapes and line markings. The range consists of primers, edge fixing, mallets, rollers etc.

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EWM01 – Forklift Truck Area, EWM02 – Keep Aisles Clear, EWM03 – No Entry, EWM04 – Arrow, EWM05 – Floor Slippery When Wet, EWM06 – Authorised Personnel Only, EWM07 – Pedestrian Traffic, EWM08 – No Smoking, EWM09 – No Naked Lights, EWM10 – No Food or Drink, EWM11 – Eye Protection, EWM12 – Ear Protection, EWM13 – Protective Footwear, Step – Watch Your Step, EWM15 – Safety Helmets, EWM16 – STOP, EWM17 – High Visibility Vests Must Be Worn, EWM18 – Eye Wash Station, EWM028 – Ear Protection (Blue), EWM102 – No Parking (Symbol), EWM114 – Pedestrians Prohibited (Symbol), EWM223 – Electro Danger (Symbol), EWM274 – BLACK TRIANGLE WITH '!'


Sharing is Caring


Sharing is Caring