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Non Slip Strips for Stairs – Clear 64cm x 3 cm (8x pack)

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Sometimes, we do not pay enough attention to safety in our homes until accidents such as falls or slips happen. That’s when we look for safety systems that are practical and easy to install, such as non-slip strips.
The problem is that many of them are made of poor quality materials and quickly begin to break apart.
Others come in large rolls that need to be cut by hand, and the corners are prone to curling up, which makes the strips quickly lose their adhesiveness. Slips Away non-slip strips are the perfect solution: an ideal measurement for any surface and rounded edges that guarantee adhesion, which offers total security for your loved ones for a long time.

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Sharing is Caring
  •  HELP PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AROUND THE HOME -Easily install the slip-proof tape on the step or walk area to provide additional safety for kids, adults, seniors, or even pets, in order to avoid dangerous and painful falls on stairs or slick area with Slips Away safety tape!
  • 8X HIGH QUALITY NON SLIP STRIPS IN A PACK – Slips Away anti slip Treads are a convenient, efficient and super aesthetic way of applying a non slip surface to your stairs without ruining the look of your home.
  • PRE-CUT & SECURE INSTALLATION – Each perfectly cutting piece measures 3cm x 64cm to make it easily install on hardwood, granite, marble and other smooth materials with no bubbles or gaps. Simply peel off the backing and the super adhesive will keep them firmly in place.
  • A GENUINE SLIPS AWAY PRODUCT -TRANSPARENT & NATURAL – The Slips Away clear non slip tape is completely transparent. It does not destroy the beauty of hardwood floors, tile stairs and other surfaces.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE TO ENSURE LONG LASTING GRIP – As for the non slip qualities, our anti slip Treads have a strong adhesive and an excellent coefficient of friction. They and are also non abrasive, which means they will not irritate bare skin, but will grip exceptionally well.

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