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Non Abrasive Waterproof Aqua-Safe Anti Slip Tape

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SlipsAway Aqua Safe, a non-abrasive waterproof self adhesive anti slip floor tape ideal for affixing to floor tiles in showers and changing rooms to aid grip in slippery environments.

Anti slip floor tape for use on a wide range of substrates and surfaces
Ideal for showers, baths, boats, changing rooms
Use in kitchens, sterile manufacturing locations, food preparation areas etc
Available in rolls – strips, discs and feet-shapes available separately.

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Sharing is Caring

Aqua Safe is the original non-abrasive waterproof self adhesive anti slip tape ideal for use on boats, in showers, baths and other bare foot areas such as changing rooms. The patterned material is easy to clean and has no cavities for dirt and bacteria to hide, perfect for kitchens, sterile manufacturing locations, food preparation areas etc.

The non-abrasive textured surface sheds no grit and doesn’t abrade skin, fabric, wet suits or other materials. The material is thick and homogenous, able to apply to a wide range of substrates, including metal, to provide resistance against scratching and damage.

For applying on baths or showers it is recommended applying strips in a ladder effect.

The Aqua Safe range of anti slip floor tapes is available in many colours, including Transparent, on rolls.

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25mm x 18.3m, 50mm x 18.3m, 100mm x 18.3m, 140mm x 140mm (10x pack), 150mm x 610mm (5x pack), 50mm Ø disk (10x pack), 75mm x 18.3m


H3405N Black, H3405X – Beige, H3405T – Transparent, H3405S – Grey, H3405W – White


Sharing is Caring


Sharing is Caring