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Handrail Grip Tape – Black

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Handrail Grip Tape, an anti-slip tape for wrapping around internal and external handrails for extra grip.

  • Insulated to prevent cold penetration
    • Under-surface laminated layer of PET
  • Satisfies UK Building Regulations Act 2000 (part M1 & M2)
  • FAR 25.853 certified; flame and burn safe, can be used inside of commercial aircraft
  • Apply by wrapping around the rail at an angle
    • Custom sizes can be made to order
    • Contact our sales team on 0151 200 9036 for more information.
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Sharing is Caring

Handrail Grip Tape provides a non-abrasive anti-slip surface, insulating against cold penetration, that can be used on external and internal handrails.

UK Building Regulations Act 2000 (part M1 & M2) stipulates that handrails need to be ‘slip resistant and not cold to the touch’ – Handrail Grip Tape satisfies this demand with a plastic material feels like rubber and doesn’t retain water, so it won’t freeze during winter, and has an attractive dimpled pattern that feels nice in the hand.

Recently certified for use within commercial aircraft; FAR 25.853 applies to the inter­national test criteria for flame and burn safe approvals. This new approval allows H3418 Handrail Grip Tape to apply safely on surfaces inside commercial aircraft for additional grip.

Handrail Grip Tape works by wrapping around a handrail at an angle. Custom sizes (widths from 12mm to 1346mm ) can be made in addition to the sizes available here – contact our sales team on 0151 200 9036 for more information.

See the our range of accessories for additional help during application, prolonging the life of anti-slip tapes and line markings. The range consists of primers, edge fixing, mallets, rollers etc.


Features & Benefits

  • Anti-slip tape for handrails
  • Can be used on exterior and interior handrails
  • Non-abrasive surface
  • Insulated against cold penetration
  • Attractive dimpled finish
  • Plastic construction, feels like rubber
  • Doesn’t retain water
  • Adheres to UK Building Regulations Act 2000 (part M1 & M2)
  • Simply wraps around handrails
  • Custom sizes can be made
  • Contact our sales team on 0151 200 9036 for more information.


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25mm x 18.3m, 50mm x 18.3m, 100mm x 18.3m


Sharing is Caring


Sharing is Caring