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Black Safety-Grip with photoluminescent stripe Anti Slip Tape Roll 50mm x 18m

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SlipsAway’s Safety Grip Photoluminescent self adhesive anti slip tape shapes provide extra grip on a wide range of surfaces and glow in the dark to help prevent slips and falls.

  • Tough and durable, with high levels of Coefficient of Friction
  • Choose between plain design and hazard pattern
  • Custom shapes, sizes, colours and cuts can be made to order
  • Very easy to apply – self adhesive
  • Withstands most chemicals present in commercial environments, with excellent resistance to motor oil.
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Sharing is Caring

Glow Line Safety-Grip tape is the most cost-effective photoluminescent anti-slip material. The photoluminescent powder and pastes are extremely expensive, some of the higher grade varieties cost more than gold. We decided to produce an inexpensive alternative.

Glow Line is an ingenious product, we use our photoluminescent Egress tape as the centre line then surround that by our black standard safety-grip coating, as we use a thinner line of Egress tape this lowers our production costs as we use less of the precious photoluminescent product. The centre glow in the dark stripe is 10mm wide, with the black either side being 20mm each making the entire width a very popular 50mm. The use of two contrasting colours creates a highly visible effect, perfect for highlighting. Other widths and stripe formats can be offered but we would need to discuss MOQs ( Minimum Order Quantities ) to realise this.

The use of our black standard safety-grip ensures superb levels of grip; the coefficient of friction rating is far in excess of any present or impending regulation.

One advantage of H3403N Glow Line anti-slip tape compared to our Photoluminescent safety-grip is that the Glow Line does not look as dirty. The Photoluminescent safety-grip is a mild green colour, the green shade can easily look dirty, any abrasive material easily attracts dirt, dust, contaminant etc. One reason why black is such a popular colour for non-slip surfaces is that it easily hides dirt, the lighter the shade of a product the most susceptible it is that it will look dirty. Think of non-slip entrance mats into buildings, the vast majority are black, when a lighter colour is chosen they easily look soiled.

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