Anti Slip Kids Bath Stickers – Variety Value Pack ( 10x Pack )

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Let your child’s imagination run wild and make their dreams come to life with Slips Aways anti slip bath treads. These revolutionary adhesive treads are made from high quality textured vinyl which help prevent slips and falls. They are both stylish and hygienic, unlike the traditional bath mats they replace. They come in brightly coloured character versions which will brighten up your bathroom and make bath time more fun.

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* Variety pack contains 2x Ducks, Mermaids, Fish, Frogs and Unicorns

* Non-abrasive foot friendly suitable for barefoot tread and Mould resistant

* Easy to apply Strong adhesive to ensure the longevity of application

* Superior resistance to chemicals and fluids

* They are also Non-toxic, and suitable for both children and adults

* Each tread is easily removable and Hygienically clean

* Hides Bath and Shower imperfections


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