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Shower strips E514FBD5-1A8D-42CC-B8A7-60D587F2C807 bath mat for elderly anti slip strips 8 black bath logo copy IMG 0917 1000x668 RUBBER BATH MAT SHOWER MATS IMG 0919 847x1000 copy 8 black bath logo Alcohol wipe included to remove all unwated grease, hsampoo and conditioner residue wipe with dimensions bath stickers

Anti Slip Bath & Shower Stickers – 16x Black Strips

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These premium tread shower strips come to the rescue when you’re in need of some super strong gripping power! Textured on one side and adhesive on the other, the peel and stick anti-slip strips are ready to be applied to any and all of your slippery surfaces around the home.The strips come in a pack of 8 which measure 305mm x 25mm.

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Sharing is Caring
  • 16X HIGH QUALITY STRIPS NON SLIP IN A PACK – Slips away anti slip bath and shower stickers are a convenient, efficient and super aesthetic way of applying a non slip surface to your bath without ruining the look of your bathroom.
  • MOULD RESISTANT AND HYGIENICALLY CLEAN – Our decals will not harbour bacteria like mouldy bath mats and are very easy to clean
  • MORE STYLISH THAT TRADITIONAL RUBBER MATS AND EASY TO APPLY-These white, aqua safe, anti slip stickers, once applied in any pattern you desire, will prevent slipping and blend into the bath or shower, and your bathroom decoration without looking out of place.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE TO ENSURE LONG LASTING GRIP – As for the non slip qualities, our anti slip stickers an excellent coefficient of friction and are also non abrasive, which means they will not irritate bare skin, but will grip exceptionally well.

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