Best Anti Slip Tape Uses

SlipsAway Non slip clear tape 2"x12"
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Home and workplace slips and falls account for a large percentage of accidents today.

In fact, 15% of accidental deaths in the workplace result from slips and falls. It is only motor vehicle accidents that cause more fatalities annually than workplace accidents.

Slips, falls, and trips can also cause sprains, fractures, cuts, bruises, and in severe cases result in serious concussions. The accidents cause injuries that will force you to stay away from work or school.

A majority of slips, trips, and falls happen on wet floors at the workplace, dust-covered surfaces, and recently cleaned or polished areas at home or workplace.

The good news is that these hazards can easily be prevented using the best anti-slip tape. A good indoor anti-slip tape will protect you from slips and falls on wet surfaces.

SlipsAway Non slip clear tape 2"x12"

What is an Indoor Anti-Slip Tape?

Also called traction tape, an indoor anti-slip tape is basically a non-skid tape laid on the ground to increase friction between your feet or the soles of your shoes and the slippery ground surface. It helps in preventing slips and falls that could potentially result in minor or serious injuries.

The anti-slid tape is used in every type of workplace including warehouses, manufacturing plants, schools, and hospitals. There are different types of anti-slip tape products including workshop anti-slip tape and stairway anti-slip tape.

Let’s look at some of the key areas where anti-slip tape is used to prevent slips and falls.

Uses of Anti Slip Tape

Indoor anti-slip is normally used in places where the slipping hazard exists. These are areas where foot traction is highly needed for the safety of workers and visitors.

Some of these areas include the following:

At the Entrance of the Building

It is important to install indoor anti-slip tape at the entrance of your workplace. This is because water normally enters the building on people’s shoes when it is raining or snowing outside.

You should therefore add anti-slip tape at the building’s entrance to prevent slipping accidents that normally occur when workers and visitors enter the workplace in wet shoes.

On Every Ramp at the Workplace

Most slips, trips, and falls occur on elevated surfaces such as ramps, especially when these areas are wet or recently cleaned and polished.

So, make sure to install indoor anti-slip tape on ramps in your workplace to protect workers and visitors from injuries that result from slips and falls.

The Stairs

Stairway anti slip tape can also help to prevent serious injuries and fatalities that often happen when employees slip, trip, or fall down the stairs.

It is important to install strips of anti-slip tape on each step of your stairs. You can either order pre-cut anti-slip tape or simply cut appropriately sized strips yourself.

Food Service Areas and the Kitchen

Food service areas such as cafeterias as well as kitchens are other areas with a high potential for slips, trips, and falls.

This is because of the fluids and liquids accidentally spilled on the floors of food preparation and serving areas at the workplace.

The anti-slip tape will help to make the floors and surfaces of your kitchen and cafeterias less slippery and safer for all.

Loading Docks

Loading docks are also high-traffic areas with the potential for slips and falls.

Trucks and delivery vans entering and leaving the building often leave moisture on the floor surface making these areas slippery, especially in wet weather.

It is therefore important to add strips of luminous anti-slip tape on loading dock floors to safeguard staff and visitors from accidental slips and falls.

Garages and Manufacturing Floors

Garage floors also get wet quickly due to oils and other liquids that spill on the floor. Vehicles are also moving in and out of the garage leaving behind water and debris on the floor.

Some manufacturing floors tend be quite slippery too, depending on the products being processed at the plant.

For instance, food processing facilities are usually prone to excess moisture on the floor making them slippery most of the time. Adding indoor anti-slip tape on both garage and manufacturing plant floors can be a lifesaver.

Slips Away 80 Grit Traction Anti-Slip: The Best Indoor Anti Slip Tape

Slips Away 80 Grit Traction Anti-Slip provides an effective way to keep your workplace safe for both employees and visitors.

The non-slip comes with aluminium oxide which is waterproof and coated with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. It is a reliable grip solution for all indoor and outdoor surfaces including ramps, stairways, walkways, machine shops, and other working areas prone to slips and falls.

Slips Away 80 Grit Traction Anti-Tape is also available in varying colours and patterns to suit your workplace design and colour scheme.

It is a tough, long-lasting, self-adhesive non-slip material designed to provide extra grip on a wide range of surfaces including steps and stair nosings.

It is also easy to apply. The tough anti-slip tape has even been used in some of the big events such as the BMX trials in the Olympics and Red Bull’s Cliff Diving competitions.